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Assist Personal Activities

Our professional personal care services help you get through daily tasks with care. We offer a broad range of personal care assistance services for elderly and disable people.

Personal hygiene services include showering, bathing, hygiene, dressing, teeth cleaning, shaving and grooming and more.
Bathroom Assistance

Bathroom assistance services include toileting, bladder and bowel movement as well as menstrual care. Cooking Assistance and Meal Preparation

Assist Household Tasks

The team at WA Metro Care will be by your side to assist with all types of essential household tasks at whichever level you require. This kind of support is designed to facilitate your independence while also helping you to build the skills needed to carry out a range of household activities.

For more information about the on-going assistance with household task services contact WA Metro Care today to find out more.


The team at WA Metro Care provide a personalised travel and transport services.

We help empower people to live more fulfilling lives by allowing them to interact and engage with their community.

We offer disability care services that include travel and transport assistance. This allows people with disabilities to access support outside their homes and achieve their goals.

Assist-Life Stage, Transition

Including mentoring, peer support, individual skill development, and decision making to support people to make transitions on their terms and in a way that meets their goals and aspirations.

Our support focus puts your needs first always.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

WA Metro Care’s goal is to provide the support you need to live the way you choose. WA Metro Care do this by customising your care so that you can live as independently as possible. It may be that you need help to get ready for the day or assistance with eating or drinking or helping you paying bills.

Innov Community Participation

We help with participating in community-based activities which enhances well-being as you’re able to feel connected to people. This, in turn, affects various aspects of life, including satisfaction, health, employment, and education.

Development-Life Skills

WA Metro Care can provide training and development of life skills, including Personal hygiene, toileting, personal care, preparing meals, maintaining cleanliness in and around your home, communicating with service providers and support networks, transport and travel, accessing public transport and many more according to your needs.

Participate Community

Including supported shopping, medical appointments, sporting and recreational events, social activities, visiting or making new friends, travel and transport and building confidence and social skills. Contact WA Metro Care today to find out more information.

Group/Centre Activities

WA Metro Care Assists participants to participate in group-based community, social and recreational activities, promoting socialisation while offering both worker facilitated and self-directed capacity building activities. All activities are based on the interests and goals of participants.

To find out more information today please reach out to the WA Metro Care team.

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